Adam Schlesinger’s songs were there all along. I just wasn’t listening.


Wake up, editors. It’s time to firewall them thar’ cattle.

Fencing off the herd only worked in the era of physical media, I fear.

I have seen the future of television. And it is music.

The disruption theme is probably overblown. In the end, it’s really just…television.

It’s no longer about the network. And it probably never was.

The iconic video streaming service isn’t a threat to television. It is television.

How live sports can thrive in an on-demand video world

Exclusivity, not higher prices, will be the result of media industry vertical integration.

Rockies fans have a point: The Wild Card format is a baseball betrayal

Arizona Diamondbacks hero Archie Bradley pointing out the lunacy of the Wild Card playoff format. Either that, or celebrating a gap triple that pretty much won the game. Photo purloined from

Getty Images

Stewart Schley

Writer, editor, media industry analyst. Fan of electric guitars. Believes in Santa Claus and baseball. Some light dusting.

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